Connecting Communities to the Anacostia

No Longer Forgotten

For a generation the Anacostia was known as “The Forgotten River.” A century of neglect choked the Anacostia with trash and toxic waste. Civil-war era infrastructure added raw sewage and untreated stormwater. A struggling community faced the brunt of reckless environmental policy. But the Anacostia is changing. A vibrant new riverfront, economic investment and responsible environmental policy has us looking forward to a clean Anacostia.

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 Clean water and  a swimmable, fishable Anacostia River is our dream and our goal.  Support our efforts to get there and consider making a donation. We need your help!

Who We Are

Anacostia Riverkeeper is creating community connections to the river and leading the way on the effort to restore it.

Anacostia Riverkeeper Blog

Feb 2015     Over 400 volunteers Have participated in the first two  Clean Waterways Volunteer cleanup events sponsored by Deer Park. Over 61/2 tons of trash were collected. Join us Saturday...

When I was a child, my family and I would gather around the TV and watch Jaques-Yves Cousteau's "The Undersea World of Jaques Cousteau."

These programs poked my imagination and inspired me to find out all I could about water and the creatures that live in it. It's no exaggeration to...

"To us, trash is a psychological toxin. It’s like a broken window that drives people away from a building. But if we can tackle the trash and make a big dent, it will help bring people back to the river.”....Anacostia Riverkeeper