Restoring the Anacostia River

Anacostia Riverkeeper is a non-profit organization working to protect and restore the Anacostia River and create opportunities for the community to connect to the river.

Bring together communities across the watershed to take charge. Work with public and private partners to enact needed policy. Involve local citizen scientists to encourage community “ownership”.

Clean water and a swimmable, fishable Anacostia River are our goals.  A vibrant new riverfront, economic investment and responsible environmental policy has us closer to that goal. Support our efforts to get there and consider making a donation.

Anacostia Riverkeeper Blog

Anacostia Riverkeeper (ARK) worked closely with other environmental groups and experts in the fields of hydrology and river sediment transport to review the Draft RI and submit comments, questions, and recommendations to DOEE.  The open comment period for the Draft Anacostia Sediment...

Anacostia Riverkeeper announced today a legal complaint filed against PEPCO for continuing violations of their NPDES permit, specifically as regards heavy metals.  We have been monitoring ongoing violations by PEPCO of their NPDES permits for several years now.  PEPCO has been under...

Many people ask us about the bag fee. Is it working? Where does the money go? These are very important questions - after all, the purpose of good environmental policy is to improve the environment. The answer can be found in the characterization of the trash we capture.

DC's Bandalong...

"Our nation's rivers belong to everybody, not just those who can afford front row seats.”-Anacostia Riverkeeper