Fort Lincoln Wetlands

The Shops at Dakota Crossing is a development project in Ward 5 of the District. It calls for development of big box retail, Costco, Target, and Staples, at the area of New York Ave, South Dakota Avenue, and Fort Lincoln Drive NE. It will accompany the Village at Dakota Crossing,  over 500 town homes and some affordable housing.  The site was occupied  by wetlands and trees, trees and wetlands that naturally buffer the land and absorb stromwater before it runs into the Anacostia River, carrying with it pollutants and contaminants. The trees alone at this site are estimated to capture over half a million gallons of stormwater. We hope the developers will replant those trees be gone, because the site will be replaced by nearly 30 acres of impervious surface, surface that doesn’t absorb stormwater and creates stormwater pollution.

The developer has proposed ways to mitigate stormwater, but Anacostia Riverkeeper doesn’t feel the proposed plan goes far enough. The Anacostia Riverkeeper and other advocates of the Anacostia filed comments opposing the destruction of the wetlands and the developer’s inadequate stormwater mitigation proposal. Anacostia Riverkeeper  believes strongly the proposal should be redesigned to protect the existing wetlands and control stormwater pollution in the Anacostia Watershed. Anacostia Riverkeeper knows the community wants economic development in Ward 5 and the same retail choices as MD and VA. Anacostia Riverkeeper believes the community should not have to choose, however, between a Costco or wetlands, between economic development or a clean environment. Both are possible, and both should be available to the community.

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