Meaningful Encounters

"A river's edge is not at her banks, but in the hearts of those who have loved her." -anonymous

Anacostia Riverkeeper is committed to breaching barriers and creating access points that allow meaningful encounters with the Anacostia. We want you to share our passion for the river today and see the potential it holds for tomorrow.

Clean Waterways

Clean Waterways volunteer trash clean-up events are held throughout the year. Not only do we make the watershed cleaner, but trash data is used to inform policy decisions. Our next event  will be held September 16.  Stay tuned! 

Friday Night Fishing

Anacostia Riverkeeper presents Friday Night Fishing 2017 this summer June  through August.  A chance for children and families to encounter the river through catch-and-release fishing.  Its free! . 

Thursday Night Kayaking

Anacostia Riverkeeper will offer guided kayaking tours of the Anacostia basin. Sponsored by Whole Foods.DC.  Questions. 

Boat Tours of the Anacostia River

Anacostia River Explorers Boat Tours

On select  evenings and Saturday days, Anacostia Riverkeeper will provide free tours to anyone interested in an up-close educational boat tour of the Anacostia River. Privat groups are encouraged to sign up.