Next Steps for the Anacostia Sediment Remediation Project

Over the next three years, the Sediment Project will move through various stages before ending in a final decision about how to clean up the contaminated sediment.  These steps include:

·      The Feasibility Study, which has already begun to research alternatives and possible plans for cleaning up or containing contaminated sediment;

·      Presentation of a Proposed Plan and alternatives for community input;

·      The Record of Decision, which is the action(s) selected by DOEE;

·      Remedial Design and actual remediation actions begin (expected 2019).

At each of these stages, the community will be invited to review and comment on all aspects of the investigation, including possible remediation solutions.   There will be more public meetings such as the one held April 20, 2016. (You may access the DOEE Presentation for this meeting HERE.)

Anacostia Riverkeeper will continue to engage with our communities on both sides of the river to ensure residents are informed of the progress of the Sediment Project and opportunities to share your thoughts on how to best restore the heath of the Anacostia River for all residents and the aquatic species that will benefit from a healthier river.