Sligo Creek Success Story

A Local Story

The community in Takoma Park takes good care of Sligo Creek, so it is no surprise that they looked for an innovative solution when confronted with a stormwater problem.  When stormwater flows down Hancock Avenue became too much, the City of Takoma Park, Friends of Sligo Creek, Takoma Park Horticultural Club, and other neighbors worked with Lauren Wheeler of Natural Resources Design to create a rain garden that captures and infiltrates stormwater flow.  In doing so, the rain garden keeps the pollutants in the stormwater from reaching the creek and prevents erosion by reducing excessive stormwater flow.

takoma park step poolUnfortunately, the stormwater flow at Hancock was so great that the new rain garden could not handle the problem alone.  Despite multi-jurisdiction land ownership at the site, the City of Takoma Park paid for the installation of an engineered step pool system to slow the flow of the remaining runoff.  We thank Takoma Park for showing leadership in advancing the right solution for the site.

Each bit of impervious surface, no matter how small, takes its toll on the Anacostia.  The good news is that this means that even small changes are meaningful.  If communities all around the Anacostia took a stewardship approach of their corner of the watershed, we could build thousands of projects like Hancock Avenue that would add up to big improvements for the river.








Photo Credit:
Photo courtesy of Friends of Sligo Creek