Chesapeake Waterkeepers Gather by Flotilla to protest Maryland's inaction

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 - 7:54pm

On Thursday, May 19th, Anacostia Riverkeeper Dottie Yunger joined 17 other Waterkeepers from the Chesapeake Bay Watershed on the water in Annapolis to speak out against the Maryland legislature's failure to act for the Bay and its watershed.


Waterkeepers Chesapeake           


On the final day of voting by the legislature, 18 Waterkeepers stood together, each one naming missed opportunities, all of them holding Maryland back from meeting the Pollution Diet (usually called a TMDL, or Total Maximum Daily Load) required by EPA.  Maryland should take pride in the Bay and work hard to protect it, but for the past year, as Patuxent Riverkeeper Fred Tutman said, "Marylanders have been forced to suffer through a do-nothing state legislature.  All of us have a responsibility not to let history repeat itself."

Dottie Yunger spoke up on behalf of the Anacostia Watershed, which is part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, asking why Maryland did not even consider a bill to follow DC's lead and implement its own bag fee. 

Dottie spoke about the bag fee's success in DC, how most businesses feel it had a favorable effect, and how the 5-cent bag fee has raised about $2 million for the Anacostia's cleanup fund.  Montgomery County just passed an even stronger bag bill of their own, but Maryland General Assembly lawmakers, as one sign said, "missed the boat."

Missed the boat             South Riverkeeper



Make sure to visit the event organizer, Patuxent Riverkeeper Fred Tutman's website, for clips and more coverage!