DDOE_Alice Ferguson Foundation report: DC resident plastic bag use down significantly.

Sunday, January 19, 2014 - 11:36am
DDOE/Alice Ferguson Foundation Report Findings
D.C. Resident and Business Bag Use Survey
Residents Survey Findings
The residents survey documents strong public acceptance of the disposable bag law and an overwhelming reduction in bag use among District residents. There are several clear survey findings that demonstrate the impacts of the law:
• Two-thirds of residents (67%) are seeing fewer littered plastic bags compared to three or four years ago. since the law went into effect.
• On average, the median resident estimated that their household has moved from using ten disposable bags a week before the law to four bags a week in 2013.
• Four out of five residents (80%) are carrying reusable bags with them when they shop; 58% are carrying them “always” or “most of the time.”
•A majority of residents (53%) support the disposable bag law, compared to only 16% who said they are “bothered” by it. Almost one-third (30%) said they have no feelings about the law either way.
Business Survey Findings
This survey of District of Columbia businesses identifies a significant reduction in disposable bag use, validating the core findings of the survey of residents.
Businesses report a 50% reduction in bag use on average (median). As many as four out of five businesses reported fewer bags provided to customers. Businesses also reported a 40% increase in the number of customers bringing their own reusable bags when they shop.
The survey indicates that customer acceptance of the law is growing. Though many business owners and managers report customer annoyance and complaints, customers appear to have adjusted by bringing their own bags in much greater numbers, and many business owners report that customers’ attitudes are improving.
Source: DDOE/Alice Ferguson Report