Anacostia Riverkeeper teams up with data analytics company DataRobot for water quality forecasting

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Anacostia Riverkeeper Teams up with DataRobot to Forecast Bacteria Levels


February 14, 2020, Washington, DC – Today, Anacostia Riverkeeper, an environmental non-profit dedicated to protecting the Anacostia River, announced their collaboration with DataRobot’s “AI for Good” program. DataRobot is the leader in enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI for Good: Powered by DataRobot program incorporates trusted AI technology to support organizations in effectively solving global challenges. By collaborating with DataRobot, Anacostia Riverkeeper will use AI to predict E. coli levels throughout the Anacostia River on any given day, supplementing Anacostia Riverkeeper’s already existing water quality monitoring program.

Through this collaboration, Anacostia Riverkeeper and DataRobot will bring daily bacteria predictions that will contribute to understanding water quality trends in the river. By modeling past data, Anacostia Riverkeeper could effectively communicate forecasted bacteria levels to DC citizens/recreators to report when it is safe to recreate in the water.

Chandler McCann, senior data scientist and head of DataRobot’s AI for Good, said, “Nonprofits like Anacostia Riverkeeper are doing incredible work to solve complex problems like water quality monitoring, and we believe there is tremendous opportunity for these organizations to harness the power of AI to advance their missions. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Anacostia Riverkeeper to forecast E. coli levels in the river. This is incredible work that has the potential to extend to other waterways in the U.S. and around the world.”

Robbie O’Donnell, the Watershed Program manager for Anacostia Riverkeeper, said, “We at Anacostia Riverkeeper are incredibly excited to be partnering with DataRobot on this watershed-wide water quality modeling project. In our eyes, DataRobot’s skillset and data expertise, teamed with our knowledge and passion for the Anacostia, will hopefully bring about modern-day solutions to age old water quality problems facing the river and its communities.









About Anacostia Riverkeeper

Anacostia Riverkeeper works to protect and restore the Anacostia River for all who live, work, and play in the watershed. Anacostia Riverkeeper relies on law and advocacy to improve water policy, and deploys programs focusing on trash, bacteria, and green infrastructure to improve water quality. Anacostia Riverkeeper is committed to breaking barriers to allow meaningful encounters with the river.

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