Proposed Plan for Cleanup of Kenilworth Park Landfill Site: Due 2/10

Read the proposed plan here.

Read about Kenilworth Landfill’s history here.

Who this plan affects:

    • – Residents near Kenilworth Park, in Ward 7, and across the District
    • – Anyone who uses the fields and the track facility at Kenilworth Park
    • – Families who visit the playground between the park and neighborhood
    • – All who commutes, exercises, or plays along the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail
    • – Everyone who enjoys the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, Watts Branch, or the Anacostia River


Why you should comment: 

    • – The alternatives presented for consideration were not sufficient and did not reflect the options available.
    • – The current “preferred alternative” by NPS does not benefit the Anacostia River.
    • – A better alternative exists that combines excavation of select portions of Kenilworth Park North with clean fill cover of other portions. This alternative needs to be refined by NPS and then presented to the public properly for due consideration before a Record of Decision can be written.
    • – Public input needs to be made simpler and more transparent. The current grey area between National Park Service and the District of Columbia government, including multiple agencies, needs to be resolved. The public must know how their voice is being recorded at all steps of the process. NPS and District government need a more unified approach to move forward.


How you can help: The communities who live and play in and around Kenilworth Park have not had enough voice in how the park will be used and how it will get there through remediation of the damage from its days as a landfill. 

To submit comments: 

  • Email:
  • Leave a voicemail at: (202) 359-3234
  • Mail:
    • VHB Metro DC, LLC
    • Attn: KPL Proposed Plan Public
    • 1001 G Street, N.W., Suite 112
    • Washington, DC 20001