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The mission of Anacostia Riverkeeper is to protect and restore the Anacostia River for all who live, work, and play in its watershed, and to advocate for a clean river for all its communities. 

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Anacostia Riverkeeper is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the Anacostia River for all who live, work, and play in its watershed. Established in 2008, Anacostia Riverkeeper has been a trusted name in the DC and Maryland metropolitan communities for over 15 years. One big goal directs our work: a healthy, swimmable, fishable, accessible Anacostia River that enhances the life of all watershed residents.

We aim to create meaningful encounters with the river for all people in order to open opportunities for enjoyment of the Anacostia River. As an organization, our primary programmatic goals that help us achieve our mission are centered on trash mitigation, advocacy, water quality, stormwater reduction, and river access. All these programs have a strong community component, whether it’s having local volunteers collect water quality samples or taking a school group out on a free educational boat tour. 

Through a combination of outreach, advocacy, and science-based research our programs work to protect the water and the ecosystems it supports as well as foster deeper watershed appreciation through community connections and opportunities. The Anacostia community has long been neglected both environmentally and socioeconomically, with a legacy of industry and environmental racism forming much of the historical foundation surrounding the river. However, with the help of Anacostia Riverkeeper and other local grassroots organizations, progress has been made to make the river not only safer but more accessible and approachable for the people who live along its banks.

Volunteers and staff at the MLK, Jr. Day trash clean-up.

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“Since 2008, Anacostia Riverkeeper staff and board have worked hard to protect and restore the health of our river for all our watershed residents. We want everyone in our watershed to be able to use the river and enjoy its beauty and its benefits.”

-Suzy Kelly, Acting President and Founding ARK Board Member