Seabins Pilot Marks One Year in the Water Capturing Plastics

We just completed one year of our Seabins pilot program capturing plastics in the Anacostia River!

Anacostia Riverkeeper won a 2021 grant from the District Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) with funding from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to pilot Seabins in the District. Seabins are small trash traps designed especially for marinas by The Seabin Project, an Australian organization originally founded to reduce trash in Sydney. Our Seabins are currently installed at James Creek Marina and Yards Marina.

This is a pilot project and we’ve discovered plenty of hurdles along the way, but the Seabins are successfully reducing trash in the Anacostia River. They are especially useful for capturing the tiny pieces of trash that slip past larger trash traps in the area like Bandalong Litter Traps, and may be useful for studying microplastics in the Anacostia River.

Read the full article in the Southwester about our Seabins program at the link below!