Monitoring DC Watersheds: Buzzard Point and The Wharf Among Healthiest Sites on Anacostia River

The summer of 2022 marked the fourth year of the DC Citizen Science Water Quality Monitoring program, funded by our partners at the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) and led by Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Anacostia Riverkeeper, Rock Creek Conservancy, and Nature Forward.  From May to September, during the peak recreation season, volunteers braved DC traffic each week to collect valuable water quality data about their watershed. Our volunteers helped us provide up-to-date, weekly water quality data to visitors and residents.

Across 24 sites along the Potomac River, Anacostia River, and Rock Creek, volunteers dunked sample bottles into the rivers and creeks to collect bacteria and turbidity samples for lab analysis, read the air and water temperature with field thermometers, and dipped litmus paper into the water to record pH. Volunteers also recorded valuable recreational use data, noting when rowers, fishermen, or hikers went past the site. All sampling data was then processed at the Anacostia Riverkeeper lab and shared by project partners on Fridays, so the public could make informed decisions about how and when they recreate on their local waterways. All data was published on social media, Water Reporter, and the Chesapeake Data Explorer. Read the full report here.

Currently, we are gearing up for the 2023 monitoring season! If you live in the DC metro area and are interested in expanding your stewardship, we welcome you to come monitor with us! All equipment and training will be provided.

Our next trainings will be:


Read the full article in the Southwester about our DC Water Quality Monitoring program at the link below!