#TrashFreeDC Litter Letters Installed

When we look at trash on the street most of us don’t think twice, but that trash eventually makes its way to our waterways.  Anacostia Riverkeeper (ARK) with funding from the District Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE), has created a temporary art installation to raise awareness of trash found in the watershed. The art installation, “The Litter Letter Project,” spells out #TrashFreeDC. These #LitterLetters show our trash: trash thrown on our driveways, streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. This is a 3D representation which is filled with the litter collected from the riverside. The art installation will remain in Anacostia Park for the remainder of Year of the Anacostia (YOTA). ARK hopes the artwork will inspire citizens to take care of their trash and encourage everyone to take action, through river cleanups and becoming advocates within their own community. Trash harms wildlife and is unsightly in our neighborhoods and wetlands. It’s our river and city, let’s take care of it together!


This project is funded by the District Department of Energy and Environment’s Community Storm water Solutions Grant using the Anacostia River Clean Up and Restoration Fund.