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DC Citizen Science Water Quality Monitoring


Monitoring for summer 2019 concluded on September 11th, 2019. Monitoring will resume April 2020!

In 2018 Anacostia Riverkeeper implemented a new bacterial water quality monitoring program along all 8 miles of the Anacostia River in Maryland and DC, monitoring 8 sites stretching from Bladensburg to Haines Point. Starting in 2019—thanks to a grant from the District Department of Energy and Environment—Anacostia Riverkeeper started monitoring 22 sites in all District watersheds: Anacostia, Rock Creek, and Potomac. It’s our goal to provide up-to-date water quality data for all DC waters in order to ensure safe, clean, and fun recreation for all of DC’s residents and visitors.

We thank all of our citizen volunteers and the following organizations who are helping us implement the project: Audubon Naturalist Society, Rock Creek Conservancy, Potomac Riverkeeper Network, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay.


September 11th Results

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